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Clarion Call For Women

THE NEED FOR MORE GREAT WOMEN IN POWER: The thesis here is simple: So many women of dubious merit dominate […]

The U.S. Congress

It is no secret that the G.O.P. is a wholly owned subsidiary of corporate America.  The problem is that they […]

The Art Of Dismissing Progressives

Progressives are incessantly demeaned, berated, castigated, and mocked for being unrealistic, naive idealists…by the professional politicians in the Democratic party.  […]

If Men Were Angels

James Madison once said that if we were all angels, government wouldn’t be necessary.  Madison was wrong.  If all people […]

A Case of Political Stockholm Syndrome

A bizarre thing happened in November of 2010.  Millions of ill-informed Americans went to the voting booths and shot themselves […]

Intro To Political Stockholm Syndrome

If people were to blame the fire department for the fire a group of arsonists had set, we may find […]

Engineering The New Stockholm Syndrome

(Reflections On the Tea Party Phenomenon) It’s one thing to bite the hand that feeds you.  It’s quite another thing […]

Constitutional Originalism

AN ODD CASE OF IDOLATRY: The U.S. Constitution is no idol—so it is unwise to treat it as such.  It […]

Welcome To Scalia World

A GUIDED TOUR   The bizarre-o-world in which unreconstructed right-wingers dwell is no more clearly illustrated than by the surreal […]

The Robespierre Syndrome

How do democratic movements go too far, and thus take an abrupt, drastic turn rightwards—thereby catapulting themselves into tyranny?  What […]

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