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Welcome to the 2012 MIBY listing.  Even as we live in a nation where fewer and fewer people have the […]

The MIN-Ds

  The Most Important Non-fiction of the Decade: The following are the best of the best: the twenty most important […]

Introduction To The MIBYs

In 1600, English writer Barnaby Rich noted: “One of the great diseases of this [new printing] age is the multitude […]


2001 1  Religion Explained –Pascal Boyer 2  The Closing of the Western Mind –Charles Freeman 3  Nickel & Dimed –Barbara […]

Guide To The First 10 Years

A NOTE ABOUT THE MIBYs:             The MIBY listings are a vital reference for those aspiring to erudition.  It is […]


THE YEAR IN REVIEW: 2011 has offered many wonderful books…if one knew where to look.  The MIBYs serve as a […]

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