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Welcome To The Capitol Grill

Welcome to the Capitol Grill.  Our eclectic menu offers a vast assortment of innovative cuisine.  Aperitifs are complimentary; and appetizers […]

The Many Faces Of Fascism

Fascism–in its myriad incarnations–has a long history.  While tyranny goes back to Sargon of Akkad (arguably the first bona fide […]

Flouting The Establishment

If those who are not ideologically-committed to the ultra-right-wing want a desirable outcome in the 2020 presidential election, it is […]

The Absolute Political Spectrum

THE PREDICAMENT: The first paragraph of Ernest Becker’s Pulitzer-Prize winning masterpiece, The Denial of Death, reads: “In times such as […]

America’s Political Circus

“You know something, Stu?  Politics is just like show business.”  –Ronald Reagan (to Stuart Spencer, of California marketing firm, Spencer-Roberts) […]

Deciphering Romney’s Trickle-Down Newspeak

The morning after his Florida primary victory, Willard Mitt Romney stated on CNN: “I’m not concerned about the very poor.”  […]

Mitt Romney: Man Of The People?

Mitt Romney thinks that people talk about inequality because they are “envious” of people like him.  One can’t help but […]

Two Kinds Of Academics

INTRODUCTION: Two of my favorite philosophers, Arthur Schopenhauer and (the early) Ludwig Wittgenstein, did not like those whom they dubbed […]

On Positive & Negative Rights

In Federalist #1, Alexander Hamilton warned us about charismatic pariahs who vociferously claim to want to protect our “rights”, yet—eventually—only […]

Constitutional Originalism

AN ODD CASE OF IDOLATRY: The U.S. Constitution is no idol—so it is unwise to treat it as such.  It […]

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