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A Comment On The ’08 Bailouts

 (ON THE NEED TO ATTACH STRINGS) BACKGROUND: Since the fall of ’08, there has been a well-meaning yet very mis-led […]

The REAL Third Rail In American Politics

  OPENING REMARKS: The American reluctance to embrace mass transit in the form of public, high-speed, mag-lev rail-lines (PHMR) is […]

Neoliberalism Defined

The ideology / movement that goes by the name “Neoliberalism” is characterized by 10 telling features.  It thrives within the […]

The Sophistry of Free Market Fundamentalism

Neoliberal ideology (i.e. free market fundamentalism) invokes ersatz-principles that are covertly pernicious and blatantly duplicitous.  The ideology is based on […]

14 Myths of Neoliberal Ideology

1  Marginal progressive taxation fetters innovation.  That is, taxing high incomes at a higher rate (marginally) than lower incomes somehow […]

Neoliberal Newspeak II

    OVERVIEW: Additional ways to deconstruct Neoliberal Newspeak involve exposing the ersatz virtues that are often touted in right-wing […]

Corporatism In A Nutshell

Corporatism can be defined as State-corporate collusion.  In other words, it is the process by which politicians within government collude […]

On Distribution

DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE: THE NEXUS OF ARISTOTLE & RAWLS: According to what basic principles should opportunity and power be distributed?  The […]

The New Millerites

The explanation offered by the right wing (i.e. the corporatists) for the 2008 financial collapse was a tour de force […]

The New Millerites 2

THE NEOLIBERAL MILLERITES: A HOST OF HARRY CAMPINGS In 1994, a con-man named Harold Camping predicted that the “Armageddon” mentioned […]

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