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The Judeo-Christian Right Wing

There are many wonderful messages in both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament–important moral messages that all of us […]

The Role Of Secularism In History

“The true object of history is the story of the mind, not the tale of facts which are forever being […]

Secularizing Religion: A Proposal

A point of departure is to define religiosity vis a vis secularity.  This can be seen as a spectrum analogous […]

A Compelling Narrative Vehicle

THE ART OF SELECTIVE PETTIFOGGING: CONSTRUCTING A CNV Strategically selecting tidbits of information that suit the anointed narrative: this has […]

The Theory of CNVs & CPFs

GRASPING THE DIVINE: AN ACCOUNT OF CNVs & CPFs Of all the truths we’ve come to learn about human nature, […]

A Theory of Exegesis

“The separation of the ‘spirit of the Bible’ from the ‘letter of the Bible’ is an irreligious act.” –Karl Marx […]

Freedom From Religion

RELIGION: ON YOUR OWN TIME, ON YOUR OWN DIME: What’s the use of good stories?  Why do we need them?  […]

Intro To Religion

Many phenomena are too amorphous and evanescent to be reduced to a discrete concept or captured by ink on paper.  […]

The Ph Scale of Religiosity

The conventional wisdom posits a spectrum of religiosity where so-called “extremism” is at one end and secularism at the other, […]

A Critique of Christian Origins

A BRIEF HISTORY OF JESUSISM (PROTO-CHRISTIANTY / NEO-JUDAISM) 30–325 A.D. 30 A.D. (+/- 2 years) The alleged execution of Jesus […]

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