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Mecca And Its Cube

[Author’s note: Mohammed of Mecca is denoted “MoM”.  Further evidence for the “Petra Theory” is provided in part 2 of […]

The Syriac Origins of Koranic Text

This is the second of the two-part piece on the Koran as a Syriac document.

Syriac Source-Material For Islam’s Holy Book

This is the first of a two-part piece on the Syriac origins of Islamic lore.

The Role Of Secularism In History: The Survey

As already discussed, World History has many moving parts.  Consequently, there is no single “right answer” to when one period […]

The Judeo-Christian Right Wing: Part 3

  In 1925, a book entitled “The Man Nobody Knows” was published.  It was the roaring 20’s—an era of romanticized […]

The Judeo-Christian Right Wing: Part 2

In 1323, Pope John XXII declared that anyone who claimed that Jesus of Nazareth and his disciples lived in poverty […]

Religious Apologetics: A Primer

Over the years, I’ve made a concerted effort to explore the vast offering of religious apologetics—in a sincere attempt to […]

A Trend Of Secularism

Who would you rather go to for a source of wisdom: the president of the Church of LDS or the […]

5 Myths About Secularism

When people portray “secularism” in a flawed way, four typical mistakes are made: Correlating secularism with materialism Associating secularism with […]

A Misplacement of Emptiness

For personal reasons that may well remain unknown to him as well as to the rest of us, Charles Taylor […]

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