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Appendix 1: Revisionist Zionist Figures & Organizations

Judeo-fascism can be defined as militant Jewish ethno-nationalism: a toxic cocktail of ethno-centricity and hyper-nationalism with theocratic underpinnings.  The cultic elements stem from either fundamentalist Judaism (or, as a proxy, fundamentalist Christianity).  It is no surprise, then, that the more religious a Jew or Christian happens to be, the more he is apt to endorse the Revisionist form of Zionism–a grotesque mutation of its original (secular, humanist) form, as envisioned by Theodor Herzl.

A dozen notable sources for this deranged ideology might be named.  Behold the preachments of:

  • Ze’ev Jabotinsky (bellwether for Revisionist Zionism)
  • Abraham Isaac “ha-Kohen” Kook
  • Gush Emunim  (esp. his “Book of the Faithful”)
  • Zvi Hirsch Kalischer  (esp. his “Drishat [t]Zion”)
  • Samuel Klein  (esp. his “Sefer ha-Yishuv”)
  • Judah ben Solomon Chai Alkalai
  • Moses Leib Lilienblum
  • Ben-Zion Dinur
  • Abba Ahimeir
  • Meir David Kahane of Brooklyn (an unabashed Judeo-fascist)
  • Zvi Yehuda Kook
  • Avraham Shapira (of the notorious “Mercaz Ha-Rav Kook”)

Prominent politicians touting this execrable ideology have included the likes of Menachem Begin and Benjamin Netanyahu.  Terrorist organizations, including the Israeli government itself, have also proliferated–most infamously: “Lohamei Herut Israel” [Fighters For the Freedom of Israel; a.k.a. “L-H-I”; the “Stern Gang”] and “Ha-Irgun Ha-[t]Zva’i Ha-Leumi b-Eretz Yisrael” [a.k.a. “I-Z-L”; “Irgun”].

Probably more than anyone else, Jabotinsky made the Judeo-Supremacist obsession with racial purity explicit.  In his “Letter on Autonomism” he wrote: “It is quite clear that the source of the national sentiment cannot be found in education, but in something that precedes it.  In what?  I thought about this question and answered myself: In the blood.  And I persist in this view.  The sense of national identity is inherent in man’s ‘blood’, in his physical-racial type, and only in that.”

These words could have been spoken by a garden-variety Aryan-Supremacist. Jabotinsky continued: “The people’s mental structure reflects their physical form even more perfectly and completely than does that of the individual.  …That is why we do not believe in mental assimilation.  It is physically impossible for a Jew descended from several generations of pure, unmixed Jewish blood to adopt the mental state of a German or a Frenchman, just as it is impossible for a Negro to cease being a Negro.”  Heinrich Himmler could not have said it any more plainly himself.

Contemporary American proponents of this heinous ideology include Morton Klein, David Horowitz, David Friedman, and Yossi Klein Ha-Levi.  The odious cause is also bankrolled by billionaire tycoons like private equity kingpin, Adam Milstein; media baron, Haim Saban; Oracle CEO, Safra Catz; clothing retail magnate, Leslie Wexner; film producer, Arnon Milchan; and (the late) casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson.

Even as they are acting remotely (i.e. from America), all these men are effectively the Judaic analogues of the (WASP-oriented) Ku Klux Klan–which is simply to say that they are Judeo-fascists.  Their agenda is seen as part of a broader “Miluim”: the (purported) duty to serve RZ interests.

It is key to note that such figures are not against fascism PER SE; they are–like any other fascist–merely against any form of fascism other than their own.  The key difference is that they fancy themselves to be DEFENDERS AGAINST fascism rather than proponents of it.

Judeo-fascism encompasses a potpourri of fanatical right-wing organizations: the (overtly terrorist) Jewish Defense League, the Shalem Center, the Koret Foundation, the Tikvah Fund, the Jewish National Fund, Stand With Us, etc.  Judeo-fascism is an ideology that persists to the present day…as attested by the prominence of Ben Mileikowsky (a.k.a. “Benjamin Netanyahu”).

We are all aware of the predominant political party in Israel today: Ha-Likud (“The In-gathering”).  A dozen more of the most fanatical organizations / parties:

  • Kach [derived from the Irgun motto, “rak kach”]: “only thus”
  • B’rith Ha-Birionim: “Strongman Alliance” (alt. “Thugs of the Covenant”)
  • B’nai B’rith (alt. “Bene Brith”): “Sons of the Covenant”
  • B’nai Akiva: “Sons of Akiva” (the youth movement of Agudat Yisrael)
  • Agudat[h] Yisrael: “Union of Israel” (a.k.a. “Aguda”)
  • Herut: “Liberty” / “Freedom”
  • Gush Emunim: “Bloc of the Faithful”
  • Ha-Makhteret Ha-Yehudi[t]: “The Jewish Underground”
  • Otzma Yehudi[t]: “Jewish Power”
  • Ha-Beit Ha-Yehudi[t]: “The Jewish Home” (formerly the National Religious Front; and has recently spawning another fascist off-shoot: “Ha-Yamin He-Hadash”)
  • Yisrael Beiteinu: “Israel Our Home” (which, preposterously, fashions itself as “secular”)
  • Yisrael Sheli: “My Israel”

Also note the “Tnu’at Ha-Moshavim” [Moshavim Movement], in which there has been radicalization of what was originally the (secular / socialist) Labor Zionist movement.  Judeo-fascist organizations focused on hegemony in Jerusalem include the “Ir David Foundation” (a.k.a. “El-Ad”) and “Ateret Kohenim” [“Crown of Priests”].  A jurisprudential arm of the ideology is “Shurat Ha-Din” [Strict Judgement].  There is no better illustration of the emphasis on ethnic purity in the RZ movement than “Le-Meniat Hitbolelut B’Eretz Ha-Kodesh” (a.k.a. “Lehava”), which means “The Prevention of Assimilation in the Holy Land”.

Meanwhile, the “Herzl Institute” is nothing but a Hasbara-propagation apparatus; which was ironically named after the secular / socialist founder of the original Zionist movement.  (“Hasbara” is the Israeli euphemism for propaganda.) Also a promulgator of RZ propaganda is “Chovevei Zion”, the Israel Action Network (IAN).

The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS) marries Revisionist Zionism with free-market fundamentalism.  The Israeli-American Council (IAC, formerly the ILC) and the American Jewish Conference (AJC) promote RZ ideology in America.  In media, “Arutz Sheva” is the primary RZ propaganda outlet.  The American lobby for this tendentious political agenda is AIPAC, which uses its prodigious resources to strong-arm politicians into endorsing policies amenable to their ideological agenda.  (Though not quite as overtly fascist as the IAC, it has the same ideology.)  All of these organizations specialize in Hasbara-peddling.

On American college campuses, there are organizations like “The David Project” and “Religious Zionists of America” (RZA)–each of them overtly fascist.

The fascistic nature of such organizations is especially striking when juxtaposed against estimable Jewish organizations like “Partners For A Progressive Israel” and “Jewish Voice For Peace”. Movements impelled by a Progressive version of Judaism serve as a reminder: One cannot at the same time be impelled by tribal (esp. ethnic) loyalties and pursue humanist goals.  They are mutually exclusive BY DEFINITION.

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