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Appendix 2: Genocides

The crimes perpetrated by the Nazis against the Jewish people are most accurately characterized as crimes against HUMANITY, because Jews are humans.  The crimes were rationalized by denying Jews their status as fellow human beings. The racial alterity made a contra-distinction between god’s people (those of Nordic / Germanic ancestry) and the vermin who infested society (anyone of Slavic or Jewish ancestry; or anyone who endorsed socialism).

Likewise, the crimes perpetrated by Judeo-fascists against the Palestinians are crimes against HUMANITY, because Palestinians are fully human.  The crimes are rationalized by denying Palestinians their status as meddling interlopers, trespassing on the hallowed ground of Beth Israel.

In such cases, we find that it is a rebuke of our shared humanity that leads to the usual rationalizations (whereby those swept up in the fervor of tribalism eschew universal moral principles in favor of their own, self-serving ideologies.  This is the basis for X-Exceptionalism / X-Supremacy; irrespective of X.

A a distillation of the mantra used by BOTH white nationalists and Revisionist Zionists: “We must ensure the security / future of the [insert ethnicity here] nation / State.”  Naturally, for the ethno-centrist, calls for an ethno-State OTHER THAN one of his own ethnicity sounds utterly strange.  Racism is easy to condemn when it’s not one’s own.  For the fascist of a certain brand, it makes perfect sense to criticize other brands of fascism.

The largest holocaust in history was perpetrated by Mao Tse-Tung, where peasant fatalities far surpassed 40 million (some put the figure as high as 80 million)—including the programatic execution of innumerable intellectuals and political dissidents.  (Scholars and civil rights activists are often the first targets.) Most of the deaths were primarily due to an artificially-induced famine, visited upon peasants across the Chinese countryside.  That is: It was not by design; it resulted from sheer idiocy. The tell-tale sign that one is dealing with a demagogue afflicted with sociopathy is he is un-moved by such atrocities; and does nothing to correct course.

(The Maoist Holocaust was largest if one does not count the mass-death of Native Americans wrought by European settlers in the 16th through 19th centuries.)

It’s worth noting the other holocausts around the world. Here are a dozen:

  • The over 20 million people slaughtered by Timur of Kesh (a.k.a. “Tamerlane”) during his “jihad” in the late 14th century.
  • The programmatic killing of almost 17 million Communists / Socialists, gays, political dissidents, Poles, Slavs, Romani, Afro-Germans, and Jews by the Nazi regime between 1941 and 1945.  (Almost 6 million Jews were executed.)  In addition, the Nazis killed well over 20 million Russians during the course of the war. Jews refer to this as the “Shoah”, though many tend to focus only on Jewish casualties.
  • Stalin killed 14 million people in the Great Terror of 1937-38.  (3 to 4 million people perished in the Gulag at Kolyma during the course of Soviet rule.) In addition, he perpetrated atrocities against so-called “kulaks” (various Turkic peoples across Eurasia, ranging from Khazaks to Kyrgyz); and carried out a virtual ethno-cide of the Mongols.
  • The holocaust visited upon the Bengalis by the (Pakistani) “Razakar” in 1971 (3 million fatalities).
  • The holocaust visited upon the Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge (led by Pol Pot) between 1975 and 1979 (3 million fatalities).
  • The holocaust visited upon the people of East Timor by the (U.S. backed) Indonesian dictator, Suharto in 1965-66; involving the slaughter of over a million civilians.
  • The holocaust visited upon the Dzungar Mongols by the Qing Chinese between 1755 and 1757 (500 – 800,000 fatalities).
  • The holocaust visited upon the Tutsi by the Hutu in Rwanda in 1994 (500 – 600,000 slaughtered; including half a million women raped).
  • The holocaust visited upon the (Syriac) Assyrians by Turks during the First World War (up to 300,000 civilians slaughtered)
  • The holocaust visited upon the people of Nan-jing by the Japanese at the end of 1937 into early 1938 (up to 300,000 civilians slaughtered; including tens of thousands of women raped).
  • The holocaust visited upon the Hutu by the Tutsi in Burundi in 1972 (100 – 300,000 slaughtered)
  • The holocaust visited upon the Isaaq of Somalia between 1987 and 1989 (100 – 200,000 slaughtered).

There are more:

  • In the Eastern Congo, over 5 million civilians died (almost 400,000 massacred; mostly Hutus) in the advent of the second Congolese War, which began in 1998.
  • Up to half a million of the indigenous peoples of Darfur have been killed by the (Salafi) Janjaweed since 2003.

There is another possible explanation for such travesties: diffidence.  This is not active slaughter; but can be just as deadly.  Rather than direct execution, it stems from simply NOT CARING whether or not a population perishes–as is the case with the (Juche) theocracy in North Korea. We encounter this with tyranny in which the avarice of those in power renders them un-empathetic to the suffering of the common-man.  This includes programs of deliberate starvation.

Indeed, some genocides are not perpetrated by guns and extermination camps; they are orchestrated famines.  The holocaust (a.k.a. “Holodomor”) visited upon the Ukrainians by the Soviet regime killed over 7 million; never mind the many millions more killed under Stalin–14 million MORE in the Great Terror of 1937-38.

The Bengal famine of 1943, orchestrated by the British (under Churchill; upon the advice of Lord Cherwell) led to the deaths of 2.3 million.

Three of the most infamous:

  • Pasha Mehmet Talaat’s orchestration of the “Aghed”: a hyper-nationalist Turkish campaign involving pogroms and the eviction—and predictable starvation—of over a million Armenians from Anatolia between 1914 and 1923, esp. 1915-16 (1.5 million fatalities).  The campaign also involved the slaughter of Syriac Christians in the “Sayfo” genocide, which—by 1924—had led to the deaths of up to 400,000 ethnic Assyrians.
  • Joseph Stalin’s orchestration of the “Holodomor”, whereby 4 to 8 million Ukrainians (as well as over a million Khazaks, innumerable Kyrgyz, and over 2 million other so-called “Kulaks”) starved to death in 1932-33. Casualties also included the Circassians in Asia minor. This was not a devastating blunder; it was a calculated scheme of extermination.  Starvation was the GOAL.
  • As mentioned earlier, Mao Tse-Tung’s “Great Leap Forward” between 1958 and 1962, leading to the (completely avoidable) starvation of over 40 million people.

Any holocaust is a consequence of the dehumanization of an entire group–typically egged on by pernicious dictators who, only concerned with their own aggrandizement, couldn’t care less about the impoverishment of their citizens…if that’s what it takes to further their agenda.

The Kurds have arguably been enduring an ethnic cleansing campaign for longer than anyone else in the world—culminating in the Baathist-perpetrated Anfal in 1988; and continuing on through the incursions of Daesh.  And the Yazidis have likely endured more holocausts than any ethnic group in history.  In almost every case, we find some instance of holocaust denial.

Revisionist Zionists decry “Holocaust deniers” when THEY THEMSELVES are deniers of another holocaust…perpetrated by their ideological brethren (and STILL being perpetrated to the present day).

This is not unique to Judeo-Supremacists; ALL perpetrators can see the moral outrage when OTHERS perpetrate atrocities; yet fail to see the transgression when they are the culprit themselves. Even with pogroms occurring against BOTH the Tibetans and Uygurs in western China, there is nothing but denial by Chinese government apparatchiks.

So what of the term, “holocaust” (from the Greek term for burnt offering: “holo-kaustos”)? The Nazi campaign against non-Aryan peoples of Europe has recently been assigned this descriptor as a proper name (THE “Holocaust”), eliding the fact that it was one of many such travesties–some of which were larger in scope than the one perpetrated by the Third Reich.

To reiterate: THAT holocaust involved the killing of almost 17 million people by the Nazi regime (almost 6 million Jews alone) between 1933 and 1945.  The Hebrew term, “Shoah” refers solely to the Jewish victims.

The U.S. government is especially reticent to admit the numerous holocausts it has wrought–as with:

  • Native Americans (well over 50 million total in the Americas prior to European hegemony)
  • Filipinos (hundreds of thousands under President McKinley)
  • Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians (over 3 million during the late 1960’s and early 70’s)

Civilian populations don’t matter when the in-group’s interests are seen as the sine qua non.

As we saw, tribalism—be it in the form of racism, nationalism, religionism, or anything else–typically feeds off of a siege mentality.  Enveloped in this makeshift neuroticism, the in-group is behooved to say: “We’re under siege, so we need to circle the wagons!”  Division create divisiveness, which in turn reinforces the division, and on and on, in a vicious cycle.

Tribalism can transcend both race AND religion–as was demonstrated by the feud in Rwanda between the Tutsi and Hutu, and in the Sudan between the Naath (a.k.a. “Nuer”) and Dinka.  In both cases, the tribes (roughly) shared BOTH the same racial background AND religious affiliation.  Tribalism prevents us from seeing other people as fellow human beings.  It precludes human solidarity by positing alterity along SOME dimension; according to SOME criterion…no matter how fatuous.

Alas, bringing this to the attention of the culprits in a Sisyphean task; as one cannot shame the shameless.

One will find that tribal Exceptionalism plays a role in every one of the above cases.  It might be noted that Hitler cited the European genocide of the Native Americans (undertaken in the name of “Manifest Destiny”, the American version of “lebensraum”) as precedent for his “Final Solution” to the “problem” of European Jewry.  So he figured nobody would mind if he engaged in his own genocide?  Prior to the outbreak of the second World War, he asked: “Who, after all, is today speaking about the destruction of the Armenians?”  Who, indeed.

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