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The Koran As A Miracle?

For the sake of argument, try treating the Koran–or any part thereof–as parable.  Then contrast it to OTHER parables.  (I […]

Semantic Antics

Lexical Multi-valence At the time of this writing, the Oxford English Dictionary offers these tabulations regarding possible definitions for the […]

Genesis Of A People

[Author’s Note: This is the third in my “Dubious Origins” trilogy.  The first pertained to Islam (Genesis Of A Holy […]

About Mohammed III: Of Pork, Pictures, And Pedophilia

No Ham?  Debunking myths about Mohammed of Mecca (MoM) often involves Dispelling misconceptions about the Sunna.  Here, let’s look at […]

About Mohammed II: Debunking Three Myths

In part 1 of this series, I explored the hyper-romanticization of Mohammed of Mecca (MoM).  As I mentioned, many who […]

About Mohammed I: A Biopic

Our most cherished lore tends to reflect a hankering for some kind of heroic figure–a protagonist that instills wonder.  We […]


Assessing the meaning of “prayer” is like assessing the meaning of “game”, “success”, or “happiness”: It comes in so many […]

Fiduciary Theology, The Straight Path, And Pre-Destination

Fiduciary Theology: From mice to homo sapiens, we are primarily motivated by a strict regime of punishment and reward.  As […]

Genesis Of A Church

CONTEXT FOR A CRUCI-FICTION: It would be an understatement to say that the 1st century A.D. was a precipitous time […]

The History Of Literature II

Compelling Narrative Vehicles: Certain narrative templates have universal appeal, as they tap into something that is endemic to human nature.  […]

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