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Welcome To The Capitol Grill

Welcome to the Capitol Grill.  Our eclectic menu offers a vast assortment of innovative cuisine.  Aperitifs are complimentary; and appetizers […]

Mecca And Its Cube: Part 2

A brief look at the historiography surrounding the Meccan cube—as it purportedly existed in pre-Islamic times—is quite revealing. According to […]

The Forgotten Diaspora (2)

OTHER ILLUSTRATIVE DISPARITIES:  Medieval Sephardim routinely referred to the Ashkenazim as “Jews from the Caucuses”–a very peculiar appellation for fellow […]

The Forgotten Diaspora (1)

Preface: The following analysis is more re-assessment than revelation.  When it comes to the present topic, it’s not as if […]

The Case For Cultural Appropriation: Part 2

“I am human.  I think nothing human is alien to me.” —African writer, Publius Terentius of Carthage (a.k.a. “Terence”) When […]

An Orgy Of Fatuity

Proponents of New Age thought believe in the darndest things.  For many of us, their dogmatic indulgences are rather befuddling, […]

The Koran As A Miracle?

For the sake of argument, try treating the Koran–or any part thereof–as parable.  Then contrast it to OTHER parables.  (I […]

Semantic Antics

Lexical Multi-valence Communication is effectively a mode of expression (a way of conveying thoughts, sentiments, impressions) and/or a way of […]

Genesis Of A People

[Author’s Note: This is the third in my “Dubious Origins” trilogy.  The first pertained to Islam (Genesis Of A Holy […]

About Mohammed III: Of Pork, Pictures, And Pedophilia

No Ham?  Debunking myths about Mohammed of Mecca (MoM) often involves Dispelling misconceptions about the Sunna.  Here, let’s look at […]

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