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The History Of Literature I

The word “poet[ry]” is derived from the Greek “poieses”, which means the will to create / transform.  When it comes […]

The Many Faces Of Fascism

Fascism–in its myriad incarnations–has a long history.  While tyranny goes back to Sargon of Akkad (arguably the first bona fide […]


The Odious Utility Of Programatic Alterity: Demonization of the other is a paradigm that resonates with all humans; as we […]

The Island

“Faith sees best while in the dark.”  –Soren Kierkegaard “We have fed the heart on fantasies / The heart has […]

Brink Porn

Temporal Narcissism Most of us spend a lifetime waiting for the stars to align; and get through the day by […]

The Universality Of Morality

As with any inquiry, we must challenge our own presuppositions.  Sapience is largely about learning how to learn.  Indeed, even […]

Robin’s Zugzwang

Part I: It is fashionable in some circles for racists to masquerade as anti-racists.  This peculiar phenomenon is nothing new. […]

Islam’s Pyrite Age

It is important to dispel misconceptions about a “Golden Age” propounded in ANY sacred history.  This must be done with […]

Mythemes II

As we saw in the previous essays, certain narratives resonate with people across cultures.  Different folklore can even stem from […]

Mythemes I

Mythemes are timeless motifs in folklore.  They can be found in mythology around the world, throughout history.  They recur in […]

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