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The Universality Of Morality

As with any inquiry, we must challenge our own presuppositions.  Sapience is largely about learning how to learn.  Indeed, even […]

Islam’s Pyrite Age

It is important to dispel misconceptions about a “Golden Age” propounded in ANY sacred history.  This must be done with […]

Mythemes II

As we saw in the previous essays, certain narratives resonate with people across cultures.  Different folklore can even stem from […]

Mythemes I

Mythemes are timeless motifs in folklore.  They can be found in mythology around the world, throughout history.  They recur in […]

Bygone Geography III: Regional Name Changes

Things have not always been how we now think of them.  As we saw in the previous essay, this goes […]

Bygone Geography II: City Name Changes

How we think about things now is not necessarily how those things used to be.  Nevertheless, so far as our […]

Bygone Geography I: Forgotten Cities

Generally speaking, collective memory is formed according to any given community’s (desired) legacy.  As might be expected, this does not […]

The History Of Salafism II

It is imperative to acknowledge the prevalence of Salafism in Islam’s history if a program for Reform is to be […]

The History Of Salafism I

There is an oft-made claim that Salafism is a uniquely modern-day phenomenon.  The following two-part essay aims to debunk this […]

Genesis Of A Holy Book

Frank discussion of the (actual) origins of any given holy book is bound to be a fraught undertaking; as it […]

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