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Clarion Call For Women

THE NEED FOR MORE GREAT WOMEN IN POWER: The thesis here is simple: So many women of dubious merit dominate […]

Asymmetric Culpability: An Analogy

In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, symmetry of culpability doesn’t exist.  This is largely because there is neither parity of responsibility nor […]

RZ and HZ: A Contrast of Two Visions

It is imperative that we contrast two starkly different visions for “Israel”—each of which entails a dramatically different way forward.  […]

Reciprocal Radicalization

OVERVIEW: The current manner in which the U.S. tries to address Revisionist Zionist (RZ) policy is based on two faulty […]

When Demons Project

  “The conservative movement is primarily a means by which the wealth of rabid right-wingers is redistributed to celebrities.  Sometimes […]

The Art of RZ Doublespeak


A CASE OF HYPOCRISY: Since time immemorial, “protecting ourselves” has been used (by those with superior power) as an excuse […]

Humanitarian Zionism

COSMOPOLITANISM: THE ROAD FROM RZ TO HZ   Those who are acclimated to tribal solidarity will be reticent to embrace […]

Revisionist Zionism: A Primer

A necessary point of departure for any critical analysis is the establishment of the maxim by which it proceeds.  The […]

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