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The FPSTI v. Socialized Healthcare: A Quantal Comparison

DIAGNOSIS: Let’s look at the characteristics that define two different systems for facilitating the health of a nation’s citizenry.  In […]

Public Healthcare As A Civil Right

    If there is a moral axiom that should be obvious to anyone, it is that people should go […]

The For-Profit Sickness-Treatment Industry

The FPSTI is categorically antithetical to democratic ideals and to every principle of humanism.  It is something of which we—not merely […]

Somebodies And Nobodies

The Tale Of An Enticing Dichotomy “In primate societies, including human societies, high-status individuals have a discretionary range of behavioral […]

Letter From A Straight Man To A Straight Man

To Whom It May Concern, It was recently brought to my attention that you have indicted homosexuality…and that, consequently, you […]

What Is Tribalism?

DEFINITION: “Tribalism” refers to (participation in) a social condition—namely, a certain manifestation of collective identity.  (It arises from a mindset […]

Critiquing Oprah Mania

I must admit: Oprah’s TV show has made me cry.  The tears were elicited by watching a very moving scene.  […]

Silly Gun Rhetoric

The Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal Winners GOLD: “Guns don’t kill people; PEOPLE kill people.” Mapping the logic used in […]

A Critique of Gun Fetishism

For those obsessed with having guns, the freedom to have a gun is seen as the quintessence of all freedom.  […]

A Critique of Facebook

 OVERVIEW: As a point of departure for any honest critique, it is in order to recognize the positive elements of […]

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