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What Have We Done With The Enlightenment?

Scientifically, the Enlightenment was inaugurated by Copernicus and Newton…and culminated with the likes of Darwin and Maxwell.  Philosophically, the Enlightenment […]

Discourse On Homophobia

Homophobia must be recognized for what it is: a kind of dysfunction that manifests as a self-righteous posturing. One is […]

The Sorry State Of Our Public Discourse

That the quality of public discourse in the U.S. is abysmal is no news.  Yet it is worthwhile to pose […]

Carnival of Distractions

Here in America, we are ensconced in a bacchanal of media-candy.  A prodigious dose of viral memes (tailored to the […]

Understanding The Right Wing

OVERVIEW: Surprisingly little scholarship has been done on the social phenomenon pejoratively dubbed “the right wing”.  This is odd if […]

A Breakdown of Tea Party Vernacular

It would be very easy to write a Tea Party speech.  The bombastic perorations and rhetorical flourishes have tremendous appeal […]

A Survey of Right-wing Impresarios

In an earlier essay, “Understanding The Right Wing”, I outlined the case that in order to vote for right-wing politicians, […]

The Robespierre Syndrome

How do democratic movements go too far, and thus take an abrupt, drastic turn rightwards—thereby catapulting themselves into tyranny?  What […]

Welcome To Scalia World

A GUIDED TOUR   The bizarre-o-world in which unreconstructed right-wingers dwell is no more clearly illustrated than by the surreal […]

Constitutional Originalism

AN ODD CASE OF IDOLATRY: The U.S. Constitution is no idol—so it is unwise to treat it as such.  It […]

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