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A Compelling Narrative Vehicle

THE ART OF SELECTIVE PETTIFOGGING: CONSTRUCTING A CNV Strategically selecting tidbits of information that suit the anointed narrative: this has […]

The New Feudalism

A TALE OF TWO AMERICAS INTRODUCTION: Elsewhere, I have discussed the (absurd) notion that there is some necessary correlation between […]

The Non-Millerite Pro-Millerites

Charles and David Koch are not unintelligent; they both received engineering degrees from M.I.T.  They are neither uninformed nor credulous.  […]

Neoliberal Newspeak

INTRODUCTION: Reciting the right-wing catechism is nothing new for right-wing politicians and political pundits.  Scripted talking points are designed to […]

The Neoliberal Narrative

For those of us who understand basic macro-economics (i.e. post-classical, Keynsian insights), it is astonishing that people somehow still have […]

The New Millerites 2

THE NEOLIBERAL MILLERITES: A HOST OF HARRY CAMPINGS In 1994, a con-man named Harold Camping predicted that the “Armageddon” mentioned […]

The New Millerites

The explanation offered by the right wing (i.e. the corporatists) for the 2008 financial collapse was a tour de force […]

On Distribution

DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE: THE NEXUS OF ARISTOTLE & RAWLS: According to what basic principles should opportunity and power be distributed?  The […]

Corporatism In A Nutshell

Corporatism can be defined as State-corporate collusion.  In other words, it is the process by which politicians within government collude […]

Universal Public Healthcare: The Numbers

SOCIALIZING HEALTHCARE: THE NUMBERS             Currently, in the U.S., 85% of Medicare costs go to just 25% of patients—namely those […]

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