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Carnival of Distractions 6

  The debasement of our public discourse has involved the on-going degeneration of our thinking.  This degeneration has lead to […]

Carnival of Distractions 8

Escapism Gone Haywire   When I was young, I loved Nintendo.  I grew up playing Super Mario Bros 1 – […]


Welcome to the 2012 MIBY listing.  Even as we live in a nation where fewer and fewer people have the […]

Welcome To A Facebook World: Part IX

Big Brother Garbed In Wondrous Raiment:             It might have never occurred to George Orwell how much more dangerous “Big […]

America’s Political Circus

“You know something, Stu?  Politics is just like show business.”  –Ronald Reagan (to Stuart Spencer, of California marketing firm, Spencer-Roberts) […]

The Judeo-Christian Right Wing: Part 3

  In 1925, a book entitled “The Man Nobody Knows” was published.  It was the roaring 20’s—an era of romanticized […]

The Judeo-Christian Right Wing: Part 2

In 1323, Pope John XXII declared that anyone who claimed that Jesus of Nazareth and his disciples lived in poverty […]

Why The CSP?

A DISQUISITION ON THE RIGHTWARD SHIFT OF THE OVERTON WINDOW   Overview Of A Faulty Paradigm:             As I write […]

Deciphering Romney’s Trickle-Down Newspeak

The morning after his Florida primary victory, Willard Mitt Romney stated on CNN: “I’m not concerned about the very poor.”  […]

Carnival of Distractions 5

In this fifth installment of the Carnival Of Distractions series, I elaborate on some of the points made earlier.  The […]

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