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Religious Apologetics: A Primer

Over the years, I’ve made a concerted effort to explore the vast offering of religious apologetics—in a sincere attempt to […]

Two Kinds Of Academics

INTRODUCTION: Two of my favorite philosophers, Arthur Schopenhauer and (the early) Ludwig Wittgenstein, did not like those whom they dubbed […]

Carnival Of Distractions 2

PRELIMINARY REMARKS: I begin with what may at first seem to be a harsh indictment.  Many citizens here in the […]

Welcome To A Facebook World: Part V

 Social networks should come with a flashing disclaimer: You are now so connected that your connectivity is no longer in […]

Welcome To A Facebook World: Part II

When is the last time someone penned a love letter?  Written a poem?  Not just quickly jotting-down one’s thoughts “in […]

Welcome To A Facebook World

Pursuant to my “Critique of Facebook”, I’ve decided to offer a series of essays that investigates the implications of Web […]

Welcome To A Facebook World: Part IV

Paving the Way For Big Brother?   When Google+ was launched in June of 2011, tens of thousands promptly clamored […]

Most Important Works of the Enlightenment

THE 50 MOST IMPORTANT BOOKS OF THE 19th CENTURY:   On the Origin of the Species by Means of Natural […]

The Most Important Essays in History

THE 20 MOST IMPORTANT ESSAYS IN HISTORY: 1               “On the Jewish Question” –Karl Marx 2               “An Answer To The Question: […]

The Best History Books

THE 125 BEST HISTORY BOOKS:   25 Ancient History (Pre-Enlightenment): Guns, Germs & Steel –Jared Diamond The History of the […]

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